About Playing at Plays

Hello, and welcome to Playing at Plays!

My name is Russell Anderson, I am director of Re:Conception Theatre, and a research student at Oxford Brookes University.  I am researching a practice-based PhD concerned with audience-controlled narratives in the theatre.

This blog is a forum where I will be documenting my experiences with other people’s immersive, interactive, participatory and playing theatre/performance pieces, as well as discussing issues relating to interactive theatre, and my own theatre and research practice.

All opinions are my own.


One thought on “About Playing at Plays

  1. Sorry Russell- this message wouldn’t send …but I may now have sent it several times by default!! Annie

    Hi Russell,
    I wonder if you might consider us reproducing this amazing review of Frozen Light’s performance of The Forest in our journal, PMLD Link please?
    Clearly we would make full acknowledgements with the article

    You can download a sample copy of PMLD Link from our website http://www.pmldlink.org.uk

    We are a not for profit group [of volunteers] who share information and ideas in our publication ‘PMLD Link’ to try and improve the lives of people with PMLD. Our next, Winter issue has a theme of Culture & Arts – and your blog would be a perfect piece to celebrate the benefits of making all of this fully accessible and meaningful to people with PMLD ~ and, as an ‘activity or event’ they can share with family and friends ~ as you or I might choose.

    We constantly battle with funders and grant-makers to demonstrate the immense benefits and more inclusive value of work like this and they can only see it to be so expensive
    – so independent reviews like yours from expert professionals in the field would strengthen the case considerably!
    Our copy-date for the next issue is 26 October …so please, please do get in touch!



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